I initially started Turning the Paige in the summer of 2016. Wearied from a difficult graduate school experience — not to mention a lifetime of fear, anxiety, and perfectionism — I was finally starting to make my way to a healthier place, and I wanted to invite others along for the ride. 

For nearly a year, I wrote about topics such as living in the moment, letting go of unrealistic expectations, embracing messiness and discomfort, and being patient in periods of waiting. But about halfway through 2017, amidst some unexpected life changes, I made the decision to step back from the blog for a bit. 

I intended to pause for only a few months, but the break ended up lasting for three years — three crazy, beautiful, unexpected, difficult, and deeply transformational years. During this time, I quit my stable government job in the wake of a historic natural disaster and became a fundraising missionary — and that turned out to be just the beginning. In 2020 I made my way back to the blog, eager to share these stories and continue accompanying others in the lifelong journey that is coping with mental illness, finding hope and healing, embracing vulnerability, and claiming our identities as children of God.


I’m Paige, a thirtysomething Indiana native currently residing in Houston, Texas. I’m a lifelong anxiety sufferer, a convert to the Catholic Church, an Enneagram 1 with a 2 wing, and an introvert who is often mistaken for an extrovert.

I work in the public health field, so one of my passions is helping individuals, organizations, and communities reach their full potential by promoting health and wellbeing that extends beyond the physical realm. I’m also a big fan of tacos, yoga, standup comedy, deep conversations, long walks, afternoon naps, cancelled plans, old fashioned cocktails, and creating Spotify playlists for every imaginable mood and occasion.